International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)

The International Hydrographic organization was established in 1921 with its headquarters (The IInternational  Hydrographic Bureau)  permanently established in Monaco. The organization currently has a membership of 82 maritime states, with several others in the process of becoming members. The IHO works very closely with national Hydrographic services, studies their hydrographical activities, develops  nautical charts and helps sharing documents between members of organization. Coordinates hydrographic surveys  and closely collaborates  with international organizations and scientific institution . According the United Nations General Assembly resolution 69 12/03/2010 all the marine countries are required to collaborate with IHO for supporting safe navigation.The IHO closely collaborates with other international organizations as World Maritime Organization (WMO), International   Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), International oceanographic organization (IOC), International standard organization (ISO)  etc.  The International convention of the safety of life at sea  (SOLAS) defines obligations of  IHO.The IHO secretariat is IHB (International Hydrographic Bureau) The directors of which are elected  by the IHO  members  for a five-year term;  directors are supported with technical and personnel resources.   The IHO, coordinates  annual conferences where members of organizations participate .The IHO improves global coverage, availability and quality of hydrographic data, coordinates uniformity of nautical charts and new hydrographic methodology , establishes International standards  and guidelines for hydrographic survey and activities.The Georgian State Hydrographic Service is in the process of membering  The IHO , consequently  It will improve hydrographic capacity and marine navigation  and process of standardization will be completed very soon.According to the “International Hydrographic organization convention” the 1967  may 3, all the members of  IHO has its annual subscription based on its maritime interest, measured by the tonnage of its registered fleet. The membership of The IHO  is very important for Georgian state Hydrographic service. In the circumstances of restructuring from old USSR  standards modernization.Georgian State hydrographic service has a great opportunity to become a member of the IHO in a very short time. Hence it will be very important for Georgian Hydrography and for international relations of the country.