Batumi lighthouse

Geographic coordinates:

  latitude: 41°39.35' N  

  longitude:  41°38.47' E

  Height: 20 m

visibility:  14 m


The history of Batumi lighthouse is more then 150 years old.
Considering historical sources, the first lighthouse of Batumi was erected on 1863, it was the cast pillar with dioptric lamp.

Reconstruction of seaport and development of navigation caused the need of renovation and improvement of the lighthouse, hence, on 1882 the Batumi Lighthouse was rebuilt by French (Parisian) architects into stone octagon construction, they raised cylindrical small tower on the upper part, where also lightning device was installed.

From the old photos it is clearly visible, that the lighthouse was surrounded by one single-storey annexes, but with passing of the time the appearance of the building was changed.

Gradually the right and left annexes were destroyed, the rehabilitation of Batumi boulvard made deepen the base of the lighthouse to 1 meter , hence it caused flooding of the construction while the heavy rainy days.

The State Hydrographic Service of Georgia conducted rehabilitation of Batumi Llghthouse. There was built outhouse with bas-relief carvings of navigational marks of Georgia (Poti, Sukhumi and Pitsunda lighthouses).

Due to the historical evidence in eighties and nineties of 19th century the meteorological and season rescue station, equipped with 10 rescue boats were located in the Batumi lighthouse, it was the living place of the lighthouse keepers too.

It is notable, that taday, Batumi lighthouse is the allocation for the personnel of Hydrographic Service Synoptic division working at meteorologic prognosis and lighthouse maintaining technicians.

Nowadays Batumi Lighthouse actually serves for navigation and represents progressive design of engineering art of its time, which is distinguished by its simplicity and severity.